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There are two ways to install WPLingo on your site.

Using wp-admin

  1. Login to your website wp-admin
  2. Go to: Plugins
  3. Click button: “Add New”

    Go to: wp-admin -> Plugins
    Click: Add New
  4. Type “WPLingo” in the search box.
  5. When WPLingo will appear, click “Install”.

    Find WPLingo and Install
  6. Wait few seconds. When installation will be completed, click “active” button.

    Activate WPLingo

Using FTP

  1. Using browser, go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/wplingo/
  2. Click download button

    Download files
  3. Unzip archive using your favorite program
  4. Using FTP application transfer WPLingo directory into your: wp-content/plugins directory

    Transfer WPLingo directory to: wp-content/plugins
  5. Login to your website wp-admin
  6. Go to: Plugins
  7. Find WPLingo and click “Activate”

    Activate plugin

Done! You have active WPLingo Forum!

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