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General Settings

SPLingo has two parts of settings. Required part and optional. Without configuration of the first part, the plugin will not work correctly. Optional part only defines some features.

To enter configuration:

  1. Login into your wp-admin,
  2. Then select Topics -> Options,
  3. Find core module and click Settings

Required part

Required configuration part

To allow the forum to work, you need to define three pages:

  • Default Forum Page – page containing  [lingo_forum] shortcode
  • Default User Page – page containing [lingo_user_page] shortcode
  • Default Search Page – page containing [lingo_search] shortcode

All three pages should be created by default when you activated WPLingo.

Optional part

This part is optional because all options have default values.

Optional Configuration
  • Topics on page – define how many topics will be visible on single forum page,
  • Posts on page – define how many posts will be visible on single topic page,
  • Post order in topic – define if posts should be ordered from oldest do newest (Ascending) or from newest to oldest (Descending),
  • Only Signed Users Can Read – if checked only signed users will be able to read forum topics,
  • Only Signed Users Can Post – if checked only signed users will be able to add new posts and topics,
  • New Topics Need Approval – you can hold new topics for moderation for everyone, non-signed users, or for no one,
  • Display breadcrumbs – breadcrumbs shows user localization: Forum -> Single Forum -> Topic,
  • Display search – if checked search bar will be visible.

Always remember to click “Update Options” button on the bottom of the page, to save changes!

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