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Change Moderator Capabilities

By default, WPLingo moderator has the capability to add/edit/remove posts and topics. You can easily add new capabilities:

The second line will add new capability. Valid strings are listed on WordPress Documentation page.

You can also use remove_cap, to remove moderator capabilities:

Default moderator capabilities:

  • read
  • read_lingo_moderator
  • read_private_lingo_moderators
  • edit_lingo_moderator
  • edit_lingo_moderators
  • edit_others_lingo_moderators
  • edit_published_lingo_moderators
  • publish_lingo_moderators
  • delete_others_lingo_moderators
  • delete_private_lingo_moderators
  • delete_published_lingo_moderators

This list allows the moderator to: read, edit, add, publish and delete all posts and topics. These capabilities are also added to Editor and Administrator role.

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